Pocket Filter Bookmarklet

After my previous tool Massive Pocket Uploader, i found that Pocket was missing antoher feature i needed: multiple tags filtering.
After a search through Pocket help section, i found out this feature has been requested for more than a year now… (Will it ever come?)
Anyway, once again, i rapidly coded a bookmarklet to achieve this goal.

To install the bookmarklet, drag’n drop it to your favorites: Pocket Filter

Supports OR and AND filters:

OR filter: Display items with at least one of the filtering tags.
AND filter: Display items with at least all the filtering tags.


The bookmarklet will only work with Pocket List View otherwise it will redirect you there.
The bookmarklet will only filter loaded links, if you want to filter all your links, load them all before filtering.
To display all your links back after filtering once, simply clear the input form and click the ‘Filter tags’ button.

Check the code on Github.